One of the first cities where there was a restaurant for the animals began to Singapore. In 2002 there was opened a large and very beautiful institution «Pawtobello Cafe & Pets Boutique», where you can eat with his pet. The beautiful interior was decorated with designer furniture. As a chef here invited French professional who was just an amazing menu!     This restaurant is for dogs and cats will not offer you a simple feed and offal, all dishes are prepared using high-end food. High-quality beef, delicate lambs, freshly caught fish and seafood - all waiting for your pet «Pawtobello Cafe & Pets Boutique». As you might imagine, the prices are quite high, but the lack of visitors there is almost never. 

Dishes are made from natural products and the difference between a Brazilian restaurant «Pet Delicia», which is located in the town of Copacabana. Specialties of this place - the lamb with vegetables and chicken. In addition, there are a custom product at home. In this case, the owners of establishments do not want to «Pet Delicia» was perceived as a restaurant for dogs or cats, in their view, is primarily a place where pets can eat.     In the four-star hotel in Versailles' Trianon Palace "is a beautiful cafe for dogs. And this place is different dishes for gourmets. Where else can you eat Pete chicken or beef burger, cooked to special recipes. At the same time meat dishes are served exclusively with fresh vegetable salad. Each serving is prepared in accordance with the dimensions of pets. But if your pet on a diet, but you still want to eat in his company, it offers an excellent dry food.  

Another cafe for dogs and cats, open at the hotel, is in Vancouver. It is located in the hotel "Le Syutton." The menu will offer your pet fillet of tuna with caviar, steak and game. There is also a long list of mineral waters, which not only quench his thirst, but also to improve their health. In addition, the hotel has bedroom suites for the animals, and even such a service, such as reading bedtime stories!  In 2006 in Shanghai, too, there was an interesting cafe for animals. Originally it was planned as a restaurant for dogs, however, immediately began to catch up here with their pets owners of cats, hamsters, rabbits and other pets. The owners have expressed understanding of the institution and a business approach, instantly expanding the menu. Now there can be fed not only people and their dogs, but all the other animals found in the homes of Shanghai residents.     In company with his pet, and you can sit in a London institution under the name «Bluebird». This restaurant is for dogs offers a special menu for your pets, which includes special soups, burgers and even cocktails. For example, a drink called "dog fur" cost to visitors at 6.5 dollars.  

Another amazing place London can rightly be called a cafe for dogs Lily's Kitchen. It will feed your pet for free. The fact that this kind of publicity stunt company that produces animal feed. Once your pet have a dinner special for the table, he offered a long list of entertainment. For example, it can take a nap on a comfortable couch, where he comb tummy, do massage, read aloud or put to music. Also, just in the restaurant is always a veterinarian.     Another amazing place opened not too long ago in the Belgian capital. This is a bar which your pet will be offered a list of all kinds of drinks, cocktails and beer varieties. For example, one of the most popular non-carbonated beer was flavored seed that resembles a tasty meat stew. You understand that no alcohol in these drinks is not in sight.  

He tries to keep up with fashion trends, and Russia. While in our country restaurants and cafes for the animals is only in Moscow, but demand is promising early appearance of such establishments in other cities. Thus, one of the hottest today is a boutique salon Groom-room. Besides the fact that you can dress up as a pet and should give him a whole day of spa treatments, the institution also offers a unique menu for dogs. Here, taste your pet will be presented to all kinds of pastries, muffins and other canine fun. At the same time your pet will offer a charming bib and comfortable place where he can enjoy not only delicious food but also a pleasant atmosphere.        All of these institutions differ in their menu, interior and of course, pricing. But this is what they have in common, it is a respectful attitude towards our younger brothers and, of course, attention to their respective owners. Food for animals can have a great time together and enjoy the company of his pet sucking.