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Do you have pets, animals, and you crave communication? Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name Joan Poss,
welcome to my blog

  • Wedding chic Jul 09 / joan.poss

    Marriage - an excellent opportunity not only to be on top, and dress up your pet. British store SMC Cathie has released a collection of hand-made solemn bows for dogs.

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  • The dog returned home thanks to Twitter Jul 07 / joan.poss

    Internet once again proved to be of practical use - in Ireland with Twitter posts in a lost dog was able to return home.

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  • No Fear Jul 02 / joan.poss

    We rejoice and storm through the window, and fireworks in the street, but our pets slaughtered under the bed and shaking with fear. Company Thundershirt, seems to know the recipe from similar troubles.

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  • Training. Why it is necessary your dog? Jun 24 / joan.poss

    Education and training is of great importance for the life of the dog and its owner. Regardless of the size and breed of education is absolutely necessary to any dog, because it is the key to good relations and mutual understanding with the owner and the world. It is clear that the dog's behavior is largely determined by instincts, the owner and his family she perceives as his flock, and the house where she lives, she considers its territory, and will seek to protect it from invasion. But, apart from family and home owner, the dog has to meet a lot of other people and to visit on a variety of areas. Therefore, the task master so bring your dog so that it is not guided by their instincts, and the teams owner, and it was manageable and docile.

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  • Training station for cats Jun 22 / joan.poss

    Fitness class called Cirquit very popular in the United States. Its essence lies in the fact that the pace moving at a gym coach, making a specific set of exercises.

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  • Practical leash Jun 18 / joan.poss

    Going for a walk with the dog conscious owner takes a bottle of water for the pet and its container as waste. All these have to shove in his pockets or even to take a separate bag. And what if all this is to combine in a leash?

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  • Fashionable summer collar Jun 15 / joan.poss

    Marine theme in the summer is always in fashion! So let your pet and look fashionable and beautiful. Cool Dog Company offers your dog a collection of bright and very comfortable collar in this style.

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  • Kenyan beaded dog collar Jun 13 / joan.poss

    These stunning collars are handmade from beads by artisans in Kenya, the Masai tribe, which makes each one unique and one of a kind.

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  • Carrying for the summer weather Jun 12 / joan.poss

    This spacious and beautiful carrying Petmate Curvations Luxury Pet Carrier as if specially designed for years of the pores. It your pet securely closed, but it has access to fresh air and light.

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  • In restaurant with lovely pet Jun 11 / joan.poss

    Dinner or lunch in the company of your pet can now not only at home. Cafe for dogs and cats - a new fashion trend sweeping the world! Earlier in the restaurants, along with pets not allowed, but now they not only allowed, but tasty feed. Such establishments like all the owners of animals, without exception.
    Cafe for dogs and cats have appeared in many countries! They differ not only in the fact that you can go back to the animal, but also a great menu for your pet. The list of courses offered, as a rule, are the classic types of food and exclusive power, as well as live food such as fish or rodents. Waiters in such institutions, as a rule, veterinarians and other experts related to the zoo industry. 

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  • Reliability and style Jun 02 / joan.poss

    Company Dogzy Collars come from Miami makes quality dog collars. For example, the recently released collars, made from 100% leather and decorated with the holes in the form of dog paws.

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