First you need to go through basic training with puppy obedience. In Russia it is called the general course of training - OKD. You can deal with both the club and themselves. After mastering this course, the dog will be able to perform standard commands. It will be easy to move next to the master, not to be afraid of shots, muzzle, test occlusion. Will return to the place indicated by the owner, perform aportirovku items listed trainer, to overcome obstacles. After completing his studies to take an examination, and with his successful completion of the Diploma of Completion, and upon request - Certificate of the Kennel Federation.

Education team 
For service dogs breeds such as Shepherds, Dobermans, Giant Schnauzer, provides yet another course - protective guard services - MCS. After completing this course the dog is able to protect and defend himself and his master. 
The courses are adapted for urban dogs. 
Still, there are courses "Managed Municipal Dog" - UGS and "Safety City Dog" - USG. They differ from OKD and MCS that are adapted for dogs in urban areas and contain a minimum set of exercises to control the dog in the city. Dogs with these courses, obedient, not dangerous to others, and may if necessary to protect his master. These courses are most suitable for amateur breeders. 
Training - is an ongoing process, continuing education of dogs all her life. Do not forget that learning should cause the dog positive emotions, and all its successes should be encouraged to praise or a treat. Only in this way is achieved by mutual understanding and friendship between the dog and its owner.