And reunited with his owner Jack Russell terrier named Patch able within a few hours after the lost. And help him in the Irish railroad workers. 
The fact that the terrier escaped from the hostess and decided to walk along a railway station in Kilkoke, which is located 30 kilometers from Dublin. Apparently tired after walking the dog lay down to rest in one of the trains. The train was going just in Dublin. 
On the way Patch noticed passengers and employees of the railroad, with a friendly dog, it quickly became friends. Railway workers were convinced that the dog and the owner is on this train. But in the end station no one came for the pet, and then the new dog friends were worried. 
Employees of the railroad made a photo patch and published it in his official Twitter, writing: "lost dog". During the first half hour is the same message retvitnuli more than 500 times, allowing the hostess and the patch to see a tweet about your pet. The girl got in touch with the staff of the railway and soon met her favorite. 
The patch has become so popular that on the way home to his owner to train constantly asked: "This is not the dog from Twitter?". When the patch and the owner came home, brought his own microblog terrier - @ Patch.